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Fly Paper

With soulful vocals, fiercely elegant guitars, and a high energy rhythm section, Fly Paper never fail to inspire crowds throughout the country with their original songs. Micaela's voice is often compared to that of Fiona Apple and Norah Jones. Her guitar playing carries on the traditions of Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmore, and Jimmy Page. Bassist Joe Chamberlin fills the space between with a modern rock style grounded in classic rock sensibilities. Sam Rice brings to the drums, the rock groove of Jimmy Chamberlin and the flair of Buddy Rich, while Saxman/Keyboardist Marty McLean puts the sax back in rock one note at a time. The four piece band fuses elements of rock, folk, and blues into an unforgettable musical experience. With catchy songs, command of their instruments, and a powerful stage presence, Fly Paper will be remembered long after the stage lights go out!

As 2013 draws to a close, Fly Paper find themselves looking back on a year filled with change.  In January, they added Saxophonist /Keyboardist Marty McLean, and started work on a second studio album.  While continuing work on the new album, the band headed to the southeastern U.S. for the first time, playing shows in Miami and the Florida Keys. They embarked on their third national tour in June, visiting old friends, and new places. The tour included shows in  Denver, Seattle, Santa Monica,  and a sold out performance in Bremerton,WA. The band found themselves returning to the stage at the 2013 Wild Mountain Faire in Northern California, as well as appearing at Michigan's 2013 Jamma Wamma Music and Arts Festival,the 2013 Southwestern Michigan Harvest Festival, and Big Rapid's 2013 Cranker's Fest.

The band returned from the summer tour, to an offer from the Jettison Agency to take over show bookings for the band. In September, Fly Paper released their second full length studio album "Dream" to an enthusiastic crowd at Bell's Eccentric Cafe in Kalamazoo. This show was also the last show of drummer Ashley Ickes, as drummer Sam Rice, took over the throne to guide the band into 2014 and beyond.  In mid-December the band will premier it's first music video, directed by Michigan native Ben Woody, for the song "Sing,Sing,Sing, Along" from the album "Dream".  Fly Paper will continue touring in 2014, while searching for a record label to help distribute their music to a national and global audience.

Fly Paper have shared the stage with a diverse group of acts including Styx, Stray Cat Lee Rocker, Delhi to Dublin, Mystic Roots, Marcia Griffiths, Roster McCabe, the4onthefloor, The Ragbirds, Funktion, Jamie Lono and many more

2012 was a great year for Fly Paper. The band released a new fan-funded CD, "Live at the Globe Theater", on August 31st, 2012. The CD was followed by a fan-funded DVD of the show in the fall. The band was featured in the "On the Rise" section of Relix Magazine's March 2012 issue, and completed a 2nd national tour with 26 shows across the United States. Including stops in Denver, Portland, and Los Angeles. Fly Paper played the famed Triple Door in Seattle and a sold out show at the Treehouse in Bainbridge Island, Washington. They appeared at the 2012 Wild Mountain Faire Music Festival in Northern California, The 4th Annual Hoodilidoo Music Festival in Southern Michigan, and opened for Stray Cat Lee Rocker and Styx at the 2012 Deadwood Jam in Deadwood, South Dakota.

FlyPaper released their fan-funded, self-produced debut CD on July 29th, 2011 to a record crowd at the Old Dog Tavern in Kalamazoo, MI. The first pressing has almost sold out and the CD is entering its second pressing. The CD release show was the first of a 14 show Summer tour,and the band helped to set an attendance record at the venue that night. The self-booked tour took them through Chicago, Des Moines, Omaha, Denver, and all the way to the legendary Whiskey A-Go-Go in West Hollywood, CA. From there, FlyPaper headed North to the Seattle area, for a near capacity show at the Admiral Theatre in Bremerton, WA. Shows in Montana, South Dakota, and Wisconsin brought them back home .

Radio play:

Fly Paper is officially and currently being played on radio stations including/podcasts: WYCE FM 88.1 Grand Rapids MI , Fearless Radio Chicago, Off the Chart Radio.Co.UK, WCBF FM, Fredonia NY, Payson AZ, 89.1 WIDR FM Kalamazoo MI, WMUK 102.1FM Kalamazoo, ALOOGA.DE Germany, OWDVX 89.9FM in Clinton TN, 102.9FM in Knoxville TN,,,, WSND 88.9FM South Bend IN, and many others throughout the United States and abroad.

Micaela Kingslight - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar, and Bass

Born into a musical family, Micaela Kingslight grew up on tour surrounded by musicians and music. At the age of five, she recorded her first songs at a professional recording studio in Taos, New Mexico. By age nine, she was performing concerts in Austin, Texas with the Austin Girl's Choir. After relocating to Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1994, Micaela's interest in the guitar soon became a passion. Through her first few lessons, she realized playing the guitar came naturally, and was soon writing her own songs. As early as age 17, she was performing at local venues and concerts in, and around Kalamazoo. Since then, Micaela has performed at hundreds of venues throughout the United States, and has collaborated with an array of diverse groups. Micaela currently teaches guitar at Kalamazoo College, Crescendo Academy of Music, and the Kalamazoo Academy of Rock. Micaela has also recently worked with Music Plant Records as a studio musician in Chicago,IL with electronic artists Todd Miner and Georgie Porgie. Her vocals are featured on their 2011 single "Feel the Music".

In 2008, Micaela was awarded the Emerging Artist Grant from the Gilmore Foundation in order to record her first solo album "Still." The album was released in October 2009, following a summer North American tour. In May of 2010, Micaela was awarded 1st place in the 2010 Indiegrrl International Songwriting Contest for her song "Aurora" and Headlined the 2010 Indiegrrl Music Conference in Knoxville TN. Micaela put together the Micaela Kingslight Band featuring drummer Ashley Ickes and bassist Joe Chamberlin. The three piece band became FlyPaper in early 2011, after discovering that Micaela's songs had evolved through the contributions of the other members.

In her spare time Micaela loves to hike, bike, boat, climb and explore the wilderness. She practices yoga and meditation, paints, and self educates by reading books and articles on a wide variety of subjects. One of her greatest interests is learning how to live sustainably in order to help others do the same.

Joe Chamberlin - Bass, Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals

Joe Chamberlin was born in South Bend,Indiana. Having spent a number of years being classically trained on violin and clarinet, he realized rock music never featured either instrument prominently. So, at the age of 13, he took on a newspaper route and saved enough to buy his first electric guitar. This led to lead guitar positions in several local rock bands,and eventually to the formation of the Electric Soulmobile, which was Joe's first band as both lead guitarist and lead vocalist, and whose sets consisted mostly of material penned by the guitarist. The band relocated to Northern California  and shortly disbanded due to personnel problems. 

After being hit by a drunk driver, and sustaining nerve damage to his right arm, Joe found musical solace in forming experimental blues rock band Magic Theater . After 2 full length CD's, and four years of touring the west coast with various incarnations of Magic Theater, Joe returned to the Midwest forming The Bones Brothers Band. The band found some regional success before having to change its name to The Call Letters and going on hiatus in 2008. In 2009, Joe appeared on Micaela Kingslight's solo album "Still". He created and performed bass parts for 4 songs,and also spent time mixing and helping to produce the CD as well. This collaboration led to him becoming Fly Paper's bassist and band business liaison.  While playing New Song basses, Avatar Cabinets and D'Addario strings, Joe  pays tribute to John Paul Jones, Billy Cox, and Flea by creating a modern rock sound based in classic rock sensibilities.

Sam Rice - Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Samuel Rice was born to the bitter cold of winter in Paw Paw, MI. The son of two drummers, there was no doubt that the raging fire of pulsating beats coursed through his veins. After his family moved to the greater Detroit area he started his drum journey at age 11 playing in school symphony orchestra, jazz band, pep band, marching band, pit orchestra, show choir, anything that had drums to play he was there, also picking up the guitar and piano along the way. At age 17 he join his first steadily gigging band The Sunshine Bluez Band an eclectic mix of dreamy-classic-blues-rock with a hint of twang. Playing on a Ludwig Vistalite kit he immediately fell in love with the sound and look of acrylic drums. From there he played with a multitude of bands ranging the musical spectrum from folk to metal, even taking a small hiatus from the drums to write and play guitar in the band Shell. After the fall of Shell he found himself back behind the kit with two members of The Sunshine Bluez Band in a group called The Marvins that he would play with for a number years having many an adventure. Whence The Marvins moved on Sam soon grew home sick for the sweet allure of west Michigan and found himself in Kalamazoo playing with the musical masters of Fly Paper. Now armed with the magical iridescence of Fibes Crystalite drums and Piaste Dark Energy cymbals he continues his quest of musical adventure.

Marty McLean - Saxophones, Keyboards, Vocals

Martin (Marty) Patrick McLean was born in the capitol city of Lansing, MI.  With two musically inclined parents (the folk duo known throughout Mid-Michigan as Tom and Mary (Heideman and Koenigsknecht, respectfully)), young Martin seemed destined to become a musician himself.
One fateful day in 5th grade when he was given permission from his parents to sign up for the school band program, Marty laid his eyes upon a saxophone for the first time in his life, and was immediately entranced by it's unique, mysterious beauty, not to mention it was just about the coolest thing he had ever seen!  That day, Marty McLean, the saxophonist, the musician, was born.  Throughout his years at Eastern High School, he participated in Marching, Symphonic and Jazz Bands, including the All City Jazz Band, which included nothing but the best young musicians from around the area. He practiced guitar, saxophone, and piano for hours everyday.

While working at Marshall Music in Lansing after high school ,Marty met two guys who helped him start a band that became to be known as Galapagos 5.  After a few months of jamming and trying people out, Jeff bowed out and it eventually became a solid 5-piece instrumental jazz fusion group. This is also the time when Marty had learned that he could use guitar effects pedals with his saxophone through the new wireless mic setup he had purchased. So he began the slow but steady process of collecting effects pedals,and experimenting with new sounds in ways most sax players didn't know were possible, or even accessible to them. As time went on, and gigs got fewer and farther between, Galapagos 5 decided to call it quits.

In December of 2012, Marty received a call from his cousin Micaela telling him her band Fly Paper was coming to play at the Loft in Lansing. He was blown away! Not only did this 3-piece bluesy, funky, folky rock act display superb musicianship, but they had the songs, the energy, and the enthusiasm to be a great band - they had it all. Soon after, Marty joined the band,and rest assured, saxophonist/keyboardist/vocalist Marty McLean, who now lives in Kalamazoo, has been having the time of his life and fulfilling his dreams, truly coming into his own as a musician, performer, and person. He's putting the sax back into rock one note at a time, and loving every minute of it.